1er REC, 2e REI, 1er REG: Exercise BIA 23

This week, on November 27, began an important tactical combined arms maneuver BIA 23 that takes place in the Marne Department in northeastern France, north of Camp Mailly. Organized by the 6th Light Armored Brigade (6e BLB), it is to be the very first French exercise involving a combined arms brigade of the modern SCORPION generation ready for an operational deployment. Among the participating units are the Foreign Legion’s 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment (1er REC), 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI), and the 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment (1er REG).

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Foreign Legion: 2023 Armistice Day

In most English-speaking countries, November 11 is known as Veterans Day or Remembrance Day, honoring military veterans and those who have died in the line of duty. In France, this day is still known as Armistice Day, in memory of the 1918 armistice signed between the Allies and Germany that ended World War I. Since 2012, all those who died for France have also been commemorated during Armistice Day. The French Foreign Legion participates annually in those ceremonies. See images.

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Legion: New Caledonia in August 2023

As we informed earlier, three regiments of the French Foreign Legion have deployed their men to New Caledonia in the southwest Pacific Ocean, east of Australia, since June 2023. The legionnaires should stay in this special overseas collectivity of France for four months, as is common practice for the so-called short duration mission (MCD). See some new images from taken during their deployment in August.

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