1er REG: Training with Spanish Legion 2019

In September and October 2019, for four weeks, the legionnaires from the 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment (1er REG) of the French Foreign Legion were training in Spain, alongside their comrades-sappers from the Spanish Legion. Both well-known Legions meet together from time to time, to participate in joint exercises, as partners within the NATO alliance.

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80 years ago: In Syria, a Foreign Legion regiment was born

See a freshly reworked article dedicated to history of an exeptional Foreign Legion unit. This unit became the only Foreign Legion regiment to be ever established in the Middle East. To be more precise, in the Levant, which means current Syria and Lebanon. Nicknamed Regiment of the Levant, the unit was born in early October 1939, not long after the Second World War had started. In 1941, its legionnaires took part in the little-known and sad Syria–Lebanon campaign. They faced an invasion of British troops, their former Allies, supported by a small number of French elements fighting within the British Army, including former legionnaires. Because of this campaign, the regiment would be seen as a controversial unit representing the old French Empire of the 19th century, which came to an end in November 1942.

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2e REP: Saint Michael Day 2019

As every year since 1948, French Foreign Legion paratroopers celebrated the day of Saint Michael the Archangel, their patron. The annual ceremony took place at Camp Raffalli, the regiment’s headquarters located near Calvi, Corsica, on the 29th of September. This day also marks the regimental holiday. See photos.

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Legion Music: French Foreign Legion song

In mid-September 2019, the exceptional and well-respected Foreign Legion Music Band (MLE) performed a concert in Attignat, a small town in the Ain department in eastern France. During the concert, an Eastern-European legionnaire was praised with a great applause for singing the French Foreign Legion, a song from 1958, well-known due to its original performer Frank Sinatra. See the video.

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