Foreign Legion: 2022 Camerone Day

On April 30, 2022, the French Foreign Legion commemorated the 159th anniversary of the Battle of Camerone, a crucial moment in their history. The battle is portrayed as a pure example of bravery and the determination to fight to the finish. Camerone Day is therefore the most important day of the year for all current or former legionnaires. After two years of involuntary banning, the French Foreign Legion was once again allowed to commemorate the event publicly. See 2022 Camerone Day images from several Legion regiments.

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40 years ago: 1982 Mont Garbi Accident

40 years ago, in early February 1982, a common French military exercise was planned in Djibouti, a country in the Horn of Africa. A French Foreign Legion airborne platoon was to participate. The Legion paratroopers were ordered to carry out a routine training jump over a drop zone located nord-west of the capital. They boarded their aircraft and took off…

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Foreign Legion: 2021 Armistice Day

The 11th of November marks Armistice Day in France. That day the entire nation commemorate the end of hostilities of World War I. Thus last Thursday, on November 11, the French Foreign Legion – as well as the rest of the French Armed Forces – commemorated the 103rd Armistice Day, and remembered the 36,000 legionnaires and foreign volunteers being killed or wounded during the war. See the photos.

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2e REP: 5th Company men train in Australia

In mid-August 2021, a detachment from the French Armed Forces in New Caledonia (FANC) went to Australia to participate in Exercise Diamond Dagger. The detachment is composed of two officers and 26 legionnaires from the French Foreign Legion’s 5th Company, 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP), the youngest combat company of the regiment, specialized in desert warfare. They have been to New Caledonia on the four-month Short-duration Mission (MCD).

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