New Documentary: Legionnaire, my brother

The French Foreign Legion is an exceptional multicultural society, having no parallel on this planet. Consisting of around 8,500 men of more than 140 nationalities (of all races and religions), the Legion runs like clockwork for decades, even in heavy combat conditions. Its strict policy of “close your mouth, forget about your past and adapt you to your new family as quickly as possible”, which forms the newcomers into a solid block of men being ready to fight and even lay down their life for the new Fatherland, always fascinates the rest of the world. This Monday, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces (since May 2017, formerly Ministry of Defence) released a new documentary about the Legion to show slightly how this policy looks in practice.

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Bastille Day Military Parade 2017

On the French national Day of the 14th July, called Bastille Day, a large military parade took place on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, as always. This year, the parade was open by US troops commemorating the 100th anniversary of the United States’ entry into the First World War. The French Foreign Legion also participated in, closing the parade of marching troops.

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Foreign Legion: 14th July 2017 is coming

In France, the 14th July marks the French National Day, called Le 14 Juillet by the French and Bastille Day in English-speaking world. The national day originated in the 14th July 1790, when the unity of the French was commemorated for the first time. Since 1880, a large military parade in Paris has been a part of the celebrations. Also in 2017, a Bastille Day military parade will take place on the Champs-Elysées, and the legionnaires will participate in. This year, the United States Armed Forces will be involved in the parade, too.

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