Foreign Legion: Meet Major Gerald

Major Gérald Michiara, the head of the Sports Office of the 1st Foreign Regiment (1er RE), the Motherhouse of the French Foreign Legion, has already become a YouTube star. Meet this guy a bit and see other more or less known videos with him.

Major Gérald (the French Army used only first name now to present its soldiers) is a remarkable person with almost 31 years in the Foreign Legion. He is a great example of what a soldier should be (and an NCO in particular, because Major in France is equivalent to Regimental Sergeant Major in the U.S. and UK): he is a strict, but decent guy.

A martial arts fighter, a Europe champion in kickboxing (full contact), he joined the Legion in his 17 and became a paratrooper with the well-known 2e REP. With this regiment, he participated in conflicts in ex-Yugoslavia and in Africa (like in Somalia, Chad or Ivory Coast); he made a tour even in Afghanistan.

In his 48, Major Gérald is still in a very good shape in all respects, mentally and physically. That’s why the Legion let him to catch public attention. And he proved well. Here are some newer and older videos with him, even from his personal YT channel. Enjoy.

Major Gérald: How to pass the Legion’s obstacle course


Major Gérald: How to swim in military style, with Clément Dumais, Ninja Warrior 2019 World Champion


Major Gérald: Some military training + personal presentation of Major, with Clément Dumais and Paul RDB, a Parkour practitioner from the Hit the Road


Major Gérald: Commando course with Clément Dumais and Paul RDB + Staff Sergeant Nicolas (21 years in the Legion, ex-2e REP, ex-3e REI jungle instructor)

Major Gérald: Two bonus videos from his personal YT channel – his first professional fight (2008) + a bit of his skills…


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