New Documentary 2019: Creation of a legionnaire – an American in the Legion

Yesterday, June 16, the French public TV channel France 2 released a new interesting documentary about the recruiting and selection process of the French Foreign Legion, entitled Creation of a legionnaire (Fabrique d’un légionnaire). For the English-speaking world, this documentary would be more interesting thanks to an American volunteer being a main protagonist of the film.

The documentary is focused on the well-determined American volunteer. In his 34, after 7 years spent in prison, he is trying to get his second chance and start a new life…

The documentary maps the Legion’s selection process from the GRLE at the Fort de Nogent in Paris, through the main selection within the 1er RE in Aubagne (southern France), until the first four weeks of basic training at the farm of the 2nd Enlisted Volunteer Company of the 4e RE of Castelnaudary.

You might register a female officer working as a military psychologist in Aubagne. However, this woman is likely working with French native candidates only. It could be strange and demotivational for a foreign recruit to consult his past and his reasons for joining the only-for-men Legion with a female person.

Even if the documentary ends with the Obtaining of White kepi ceremony, the Legion instruction will continue for next three months… and thereafter, your service would take another 54 months at least.

Watch the documentary: Creation of a legionnaire

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