2e REI: Combat Support Company training

See some nice photos of the Combat Support Company (CA, ex-CEA) when participating in training exercises at Camp Caylus in southern France in October 2020. The company is part of the Foreign Legion’s 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI) and groups different specialty platoons (e.g. snipers, SAED commandos, anti-tank weapons…) in support of the regiment.

The CA legionnaires improved their skills with their modern equipment. That is, for example, the MMP portable medium-range anti-tank missile system (replacing the old MILAN) or the new HK417 high-precision rifle replacing the old FR-F2 rifle (don’t confuse it with the HK416 to replace the old FAMAS).

SAED platoon train at Camp Caylus, October 2020.
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CA company train at Camp Caylus, October 2020.


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