2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment

2e REI insignia2e Régiment Etranger d’Infanterie, 2e REI. The second oldest regiment of the French Foreign Legion. It is also the Legion’s longest-serving regiment and the first French regiment to use mounted companies (the companies composed of mules) in North Africa. Today, the 2e REI is considered a modern motorized infantry unit. Since November 1983, it has been stationed in the Caserne Colonel de Chabrières in Nîmes (Southern France), a city with a rich history dating back to the Roman Empire.

The unit inherited the lineage of the 2nd Foreign Legion Regiment (2e RLE), created in Algeria in April 1841. The 2e REI was deactivated two times: during WWII (between 1943 and 1945) and again from January 1968, following its departure from Africa, and September 1972, when the unit was reactivated in Corsica.

The 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment served around the world, including Algeria, Crimea, Italy, Mexico, French Indochina, Madagascar, Morocco, Syria, France, Chad, Lebanon, Iraq, former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and the Sahel region in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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History of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment

See the history of the 2e REI during the 1841-2016 period, from the early Pacification of Algeria until modern deployments to Africa. Well-ordered data, including dozens of pictures from all decades:
History of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment

2e Régiment Etranger d’Infanterie - 2 REI - 2REI - 2eme REI - History


Current structure of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment

The regiment is divided (in 2023) into 7 companies (including 4 combat companies). It comprises around 1,300 officers and legionnaires. A reserve company consisting of non-Legion reservists is also assigned to the 2e REI.

The 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment is the oldest operational infantry regiment of the Foreign Legion. The regiment has been furnished with modern equipment (SCORPION program, FELIN system, VBCI armored infantry vehicles, etc.). Its legionnaires are experts in motorized infantry combat operations and in landing operations. Each of its companies has at its disposal one platoon equipped with 81 mm mortars and MILAN anti-tank missiles. In May 2023, the 5th Company was dissolved.

The 2e REI serves as an infantry regiment of the 6th Light Armored Brigade (6e BLB). Other Legion regiments made part of this brigade too: 1er REC, 1er REG and 13e DBLE.

In 2023, the 2e REI is composed of:

  • HQ & Logistics Company (Compagnie de Commandement et de Logistique, CCL)
  • 1st Company (1re Compagnie, 1re CIE)
  • 2nd Company (2e Compagnie, 2e CIE)
  • 3rd Company (3e Compagnie, 3e CIE)
  • 4th Company (4e Compagnie , 4e CIE)
  • Combat Support Company (Compagnie d’Appui, CA)
    • Anti-Tank Platoon (Section Anti-Char, SAC)
    • Direct Combat Support Platoon (Section d’Appui Direct, SAD)
    • Snipers Platoon (Section Tireurs d’Elite, STE)
    • Landing Support Platoon (Section Aide à l’Engagement Débarqué, SAED)
    • Reconnaissance and Intelligence Platoon (Section de Reconnaissance et de Renseignement, SRR)
  • 8th Reserve Company (8e Compagnie de Réserve, 8e CIE)


NICKNAME: 2e Étranger (2nd Foreign)
MOTTO: Être Prêt (Be ready)
REGIM. MARCH: Anne-Marie du 2e REI
OFFIC. FB PAGE: 2e Régiment Étranger d’Infanterie
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Location of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment



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