Legion’s first Saharan motorized unit

Though little known today, four autonomous Saharan companies ranked among the most prestigious Foreign Legion’s units in the 1950s – 1960s. They kept the old traditions of the legionnaires riding camels through the North African desert and oasis, serving in the old cool-looking fortresses. Even the official recruiting posters of the Legion in the 1950s and 1960s portrayed Saharan units to attract new volunteers to join in. Today, the Legion’s first Saharan motorized unit will be presented here.

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Rare Foreign Legion’s photos from the 1980s & Gulf War

Chad, Djibouti, Mayotte and the Gulf War… See the interesting slideshows created by Ch. R., a former legionnaire and NCO of the French Foreign Legion, who served in the 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment (1er REC) during the 1980s and 1990s. Hundreds of rare, cool photos from places known by almost all legionnaires and from the Gulf War 1990-91.

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2e REG in Mali in April 2014

As noted, a team of the Surveillance & Direct Action Platoon (Section de renseignement et d’intervention offensive, SRIO) of the 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment (2e REG) of the Foreign Legion is participating, together with other regiment’s and Legion’s units, in Operation Serval in Mali right now. See some nice images from an operation, in which the legionnaires-sappers of SRIO secured a road clearing for a military convoy of the French regular army forces.

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