4e RE: Remise de Kepi blanc at Sainte Livrade in July 2018

On July 24, 2018, a traditional ceremony of the French Foreign Legion occurred at Sainte-Livrade-sur-Lot, a small town in southwestern France. That day, a platoon of volunteers from the 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE) gained their Képi blanc (White kepi) and became legionnaires.

Enlisted volunteers, led by Adjudant Georgiev (a long-serving legionnaire), were reviewed by Colonel de Roffignac, their regiment’s commanding officer, who formerly served as a commander of the Combat Support Company, 2e REP.

The volunteers had to complete the March Kepi Blanc (about 20-30 miles in full kit) to obtain the famous Képi blanc, a well-known symbol of the Foreign Legion and the legionnaires. The traditional march officially finishes the first four weeks of the four-month-long basic training. Enlisted volunteers spend these first four weeks on one of the three secluded farms of the 4e RE, situated close to Castelnaudary, the regiment’s garrison town in southern France.

During the ceremony, called Remise de Képi blanc (Obtaining the White kepi), every enlisted volunteer who successfully finished the long march, will obtain his white kepi. Then, the volunteers take the traditional military oath and gain the right to be addressed as légionnaires.

The ceremony with the military oath:

Fresh legionnaires singing the Soldats de la Légion etrangère:

A little “pot” (a collation) commenced by Le Boudin.

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