4e RE: Remise de Képis blancs – Mont-Saint-Michel 2015

Today, on 3 November 2015, French Foreign Legion volunteers from the 2nd Engaged Volunteers Company (2CEV), 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE) having finished first four weeks of their 4-month-long basic training and were ready to obtain their Képi blanc (White kepi) and become the legionnaires. See some images from the Remise de Képi blanc (Obtaining the White kepi) ceremony at Mont-Saint-Michel (Saint Michael’s Mount), a well known island commune in Normandy, France.

The 2CEV platoon consisting of 63 volunteers aged between 17 and 39 years, composed of 30 nationalities from around the world, took part in the ceremony after having marched the so-called Marche Képi blanc.

4e RE: Remise de Képis blancs at Mont-Saint-Michel 2015
Volunteers from 2e CEV, 4e RE marching to Saint Michael’s Mount (November 3, 2015)
© Photo credit: V.Chopin/France 3

Marche du képi blanc

Cérémonie des képis blancs au Mont-Saint-Michel

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