2e REP: Exercise Southern Katipo 2017 in New Zealand

Legionnaires of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP), the only airborne unit of the French Foreign Legion, participated in an amphibious stability and security exercise held in New Zealand from October to November 2017.

Exercise Southern Katipo, the New Zealand Defence Force’s largest biennial field training exercise, took place at Kaikoura, a region in the north-eastern part of New Zealand’s South Island. The legionnaires from the 2nd Company, currently deployed to New Caledonia in the Pacific, were among 13 nations being involved in the exercise, alongside Australians, Americans, the British and the troops from the Pacific region.

See photos:
2e REP legionnaires and Kiwi soldiers during Exercise Southern Katipo 2017 (FB photos)

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