2e REP: 50 years at Calvi, Corsica

The year of 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the installation of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP) at Calvi, Corsica. The regiment moved to Corsica from Bou Sfer, Algeria in 1967. On March 18, 2017, the celebrations of the anniversary started. They will continue until September.

Between May-June 1967, the 2e REP’s companies were moving from Bou Sfer to Calvi, to then Camp Fiume Secco, where the Parachute Training Center (CES) of 2e REP had been stationed since early 1964. In 1968, the camp was renamed to Camp Raffalli.

See some nice images from the first celebration which occurred at Calvi on March 18.

2e REP: 50 years at Calvi, Corsica

Défilé du 2e régiment étranger de parachutistes de Calvi

More photos: Le cinquantenaire de l’arrivée du 2e REP à Calvi

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