2e REP: 82nd Airborne Division trained with the Foreign Legion

During May 25 – June 02, 2014, about 120 paratroopers from across the United States’ 82nd Airborne Division trained with the legionnaires from the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP) of the Foreign Legion, on the island of Corsica, the 2e REP’s base.

The main mission of this exercise was to build a partnership between the two airborne units. The American and Legion’s paratroopers will also be authorized to wear the French and American parachutist badge on their uniforms.

US paratroopers train to jump with the French parachutes
Legionnaires jumping with the US parachutes. The well-known 2e REP's tattooed Italian NCO from CEA (Recce & Support Company) and a Romanian legionnaire from the 1st Company speaking about their experiences to a USAF reporter...

Upadated July 14, 2014:

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82nd Airborne Division partners with the French Foreign Legion

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