13e DBLE: BACCARAT 2019 starts today

In northeastern France, in the regions of Champagne and Alsace, a large multinational ten-day exercise starts today: BACCARAT 2019. The exercise is aimed at adaptation to air assault and its perfection. It has been organized since 2017, by the 4th Air Assault Brigade (4e BAC). Apart from British, Spanish and French military helicopter units, the Foreign Legion’s 13th Half Brigade (13e DBLE) also participates in the exercise.

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Foreign Legion: 2019 Camerone Day

On April 30, 2019, the French Foreign Legion commemorated the 156th anniversary of the Battle of Camerone, the legendary and most important event in its history. Camerone Day is the most important day of the year for all current or former legionnaires of the Foreign Legion. See 2019 Camerone Day videos and images from several Legion regiments.

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32 years ago: A sad bomb attack in Djibouti killed four French soldiers

32 years ago, on the 18th March of 1987, a bomb attack occurred in Djibouti, the capital of a small country of the same name located in the Horn of Africa. The attack was aimed at L’Historil, a restaurant frequented by Western guests, mainly French Army personnel. At least 11 people were killed, including a French Foreign Legion non-commissioned officer…

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