Major Gérald: Secret tips for more effective abdominal exercises

The French Foreign Legion has published another useful video starring Major Gérald, the highest-ranking NCO serving as head of the Sports Office, 1st Foreign Regiment (1er RE) in Aubagne. In this new video, he shares his secret tips for better strengthening of abdominal muscles.

If you are interested in training your abdominal muscles, you can watch Major Gérald’s older video which is focused on it.

– 02:30 – keep the legs stretched slightly forward, do not relax them during the exercise, don’t move; do 25 repetitions

– 04:15 – hold the weights (10 kg / 22 lb) in this way (however, do this exercise only if you are not a beginner); do 10 repetitions without putting your head on the ground

– 04:45 – keep always 90 degrees, don’t put your head and shoulders on the ground, have your head blocked; do 25 repetitions
– do four times these 25, (10), 25 repetitions and prior to each new set, relax for 90 seconds

– 06:00 – degrease the bar or use gym magnesium powder on your hands

– 06:15 – repetition of the first exercise from 02:30

– 06:55 – let go of the bar slowly

– 08:05 – watch the major how to rest properly with the stomach well relaxed; rest for 90 seconds
– do the exercises correctly, without accelerating, perform the four sets (25 + 25 x 4)

– 10:50 – if you are tired, you may extend the rest before the 4th set, up to 2 minutes

– 11:00 – second workout

– 11:30 – hold the stomach muscles stretched for 20 seconds

– 11:40 – do rotations beyond your knees, slowly, with putting your scapulas on the ground; don’t put your head and shoulders on the ground and don’t hurry

– 12:25 – you may touch your oblique muscle with the second hand at the same time, to be sure it works properly; do 100 repetitions (50 for each side)

– 15:20 – still keep the same speed and don’t accelerate even if it hurts and burns

– 15:40 – put your head well on the ground to relax correctly
– rest for 60-75 seconds and do another two sets of these exercises and rests (3 in total)

– 16:05 – don’t do these workouts if you are a beginner, train for several weeks your stomach before trying it
– also, you may adapt the entire training (number of sets and repetitions) to your fitness level

– 16:45 – rest for about 3 to 4 minutes between both workouts

– 17:30 – stretching à la position Cobra; only to a slight tension of the back and stretching of the abdominal muscles
– keep for 20 seconds and slowly lay down; repeat two or three times


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