2e REI: 2021 Ivory Coast and Djibouti

In April 2021, 180 years after its establishment, the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI) continues its missions in service of France. This month, the men of the longest-serving regiment of the Foreign Legion are back in Africa. See some nice images.

After two months spent on the French helicopter carrier Dixmude, the men from the Dragon Tactical Group (GTE, an embarked task force) made a stopover in Ivory Coast (West Africa) to enjoy a week in the green land. Based at Lomo Nord Camp, a local French military base, the whole Dragon Tactical Group were undergoing a combined joint exercise to keep their operational readiness and strengthen the cohesion of the GTE.

The task force is composed of around 250 men. Besides the 2e REI officers and legionaries (2nd Company), there are also French Spahis (4th Squadron), a detachment from the 1er REG) and specialist elements (artillery, signals) of the 2e REI’s 6th Light Armored Brigade. Since early February 2021, they have been participating in Mission CORYMBE 156.

2nd Company, 2e REI + GTE in Ivory Coast, April 2021.
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At the same time, their comrades from the 4th Company, 2e REI are deployed to Djibouti in the Horn of Africa.

4th Company, 2e REI in Djibouti, April 2021.
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