2e REI: 2021 Mission CORYMBE

In early February 2021, a new Mission CORYMBE began for legionnaires of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI). The legionnaires will cruise along the coastline of West Africa, between Senegal and Gabon. The mission will last about two to three months.

The already 156th Mission CORYMBE is carried out by the French helicopter carrier Dixmude, with Dragon Tactical Group (GTE, an embarked task force) on board. The GTE Dragon is composed of about 250 soldiers. The majority of them belong to the 2e REI and 1er RS (Spahis Regiment, a regular cavalry unit). They are reinforced by Legion combat engineers from the 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment (1er REG) and other elements (artillery, signals) of the 2e REI’s 6th Light Armored Brigade.

The naval Mission CORYMBE has been conducted by two rotating French carriers since 1990. The main task of the mission is to help to strengthen the capacities of the coastguards in the Gulf of Guinea and along the coast of West Africa, against pirate attacks. The carriers operates as emergency warships that can be called upon. Their infantry elements also reinforces the French military forces permanently present in this region, in Senegal, Ivory Coast or Gabon. Several amphibious and landing military exercises are usual parts of the mission. The legionnaires have been participating in the mission since the very beginning. Their deployment usually lasts about ten weeks.

2021 Mission CORYMBE, embarking, February 02, 2021.
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