1er REG: Reconnaissance exercise

In late February and early March 2017, the Liaison & Direct Action Reconnaissance Platoon (Section de Liaison et de Reconnaissance Offensive, SLRO) from the 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment (1er REG) conducted a military exercise simulating a reasearch mission to capture a leader of a terrorist group.

The joint platoon, consisting of several specialist teams (PCG – Engineer Combat Divers, EOD – Explosive Ordnance Disposal, WIT – Weapon Intelligency Team, FOS – Specialized Operational Search), is assigned to the 1er REG’s Miliatry Support Company (CA).

The night exercise took place near Laudun, the garrison of the regiment in southern France. During the exercise, PCG legionnaires had to discover the cave in which the terrorist group was hiding explosives. Then, a camp was also discovered and destroyed.

By the end of the exercise, at a firing range, an attack on a terrorist camp by the whole SLRO platoon was also simulated, under real conditions and with live cartridges.

1er REG: Amphibious exercise 2016

1er REG: Amphibious exercise 2016

1er REG: Amphibious exercise 2016

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