13e DBLE: 2023 Exercise Tallinn Dawn

Before their deployment to Estonia, one of the Baltic states in Northeastern Europe, a company of the 13th Foreign Legion Demi-Brigade (13e DBLE) went through an intensive training in Germany, alongside their colleagues from the Queen’s Royal Hussars of the British Army, in January 2023. See the video.

The 22-day exercise at Germany’s NATO Forward Holding Base Sennelager (NFS) had to assess the readiness of the legionnaires and the British soldiers to deploy to Estonia and serve there as one of four multinational battalion battle groups in the Baltic, part of NATO’s Baltic enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) to protect and reassure NATO’s member states of their security. The deployment lasts four months.

The French troops serve in Estonia under Mission Lynx, which is a codename for their part of the eFP. In early February, the 13e DBLE company replaced their comrades from the 2e REG in Estonia who served there between early October 2022 and early February 2023.

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