2e REG: 2022 Mission Lynx in Estonia

Legionnaires of the French Foreign Legion’s 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment (2e REG) are currently deployed to Estonia, a Baltic state in Northern Europe, for four months. They serve there as part of NATO’s Baltic enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) to protect and reassure NATO’s member state of its security.

Following the invasion of Russian troops to Crimea in 2014, four multinational battalion battle groups were activated and sent to Northeastern Europe. One of them is stationed in Estonia and led by the British: NATO Battlegroup Estonia, currently consisting of British, French, and Danish troops.

The French troops serve in Estonia under Mission Lynx, which is a codename for their part of the EFP. The 2e REG legionnaires have been deployed there with their colleagues from the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade (27e BIM) and have formed a French joint task force (SGTIA) within the multinational battle group. The SGTIA is composed of infantrymen, artillerymen and combat engineers. They serve as the 6th French contingent that has operated in Estonia since 2017, when Mission Lynx started.

The main tasks of the French contingent are: to develop combat capabilities in a joint and multinational framework; to train in an abrasive and high intensity environment; to develop cohesion within the SGTIA and the Battle group.

PHOTOS. 2e REG men in Estonia, September 2022.
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