2e REG: An exercise for commandos

In November 2019, two elite units of the Foreign Legion’s 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment (2e REG) conducted a joint exercise to train an infiltration mission into hostile terrain. See the video.

The 2e REG’s Engineer Combat Divers (PCG, ex-DINOPS) and Mountain Commandos (GCM) trained side by side a neutralization of a hydroelectric power station in order to prevent the enemy from accessing its main source of energy.

Both units are elite formations within the regiment as well as within a brigade they are assigned to. Every legionnaire of the regiment can apply as a candidate for a difficult selection to become a combat diver or a mountain commando.

Plongeurs de combat du génie

Les plongeurs de combat du génie sécurisent la berge et ouvrent la voie aux commandos montagne pour une mission d’infiltration en terrain hostile. L’objectif est de neutraliser une centrale hydraulique afin d’interdire à l’ennemi l’accès à sa source d'énergie principale. Une opération coup de poing où la rapidité d’action est primordiale. “Nul obstacle et nul homme pour nous faire barrage.”

Posted by Légion étrangère on Friday, January 3, 2020


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