Operation Barkhane: 13 French soldiers died, including a legionnaire

On Monday, 25 November 2019, two helicopters of the French Army crashed in Mali (West Africa), during anti-terrorist Operation Barkhane. The crash cost lives of 13 soldiers, including a French Foreign legionnaire from the 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment (2e REG).

At the time of the deadly accident, the two French helicopters from the 5e RHC (Combat Helicopter Regiment) were involved in a combat operation aimed at a group of terrorists close to In Delimane, in the Liptako region of central Mali, as part of the ongoing Operation Barkhane (2014-now). On board, they transported members of the 27e BIM (Mountain Infantry Brigade) which the Foreign Legion’s 2e REG is part of.

Between the killed men was Staff Sergeant Andreï Jouk, a legionnaire from the 2e REG. Andreï Jouk joined the Foreign Legion in his 32, in January 2008. After the four-month basic training in Castelnaudary, within the 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE), he was assigned to the 2e REG, in June. Promoted to Corporal in 2010 and to Sergeant in 2011. During his 11 years in the Legion, Staff Sergeant Jouk served in Afghanistan (2010-2011), in Djibouti (four times between 2009-2014), in French Guiana (2015-2016) and three times in Mali (January-May 2018, September 2018 – January 2019, and in late 2019). Promoted to Staff Sergeant in January 2018, Andreï Jouk was a member of the prestigious Mountain Commando Group (GCM), 2e REG. He left behind a wife and four children. Rest in peace.

Operation Barkhane: 13 French soldiers died, including legionnaire Andreï Jouk


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