2e REG: Legionnaire killed during firing exercise

A Caporal-chef (Senior corporal) from the 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment (2e REG) of the Foreign Legion was killed during live firing exercise at Camp des Guarrigues, a military camp located near Nimes (southern France), on March 23. The exercise was conducted to train legionnaires before joining Operation Berkhane in Mali in May 2015.

Caporal-chef (CCH) Ivica Drnic, 30 years old, joined the Legion in July 2005. After basic training, he chose the 1er REG in Laudun. In 2009, he moved to French Guiana to serve in the 3e REI for two years. He returned to France in 2011 and joined the 2e REG.

CCH Ivica Drnic participated in missions and operations in French Guiana (2006), Mayotte (2007), Chad (2009) and Mali (2014). He served in the Legion more than 9 years. He was married and had a little daughter.

Information & image source: 2e REG official website

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