2e REG: Change of Command 2017

In early September 2017, the 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment (2e REG) held a traditional change of command ceremony, at Quartier Maréchal Koenig, its headquarters located near Saint Christol, southeastern France.

During the ceremony, Colonel Grégoire Potiron de Boisfleury relieved Colonel Guillaume de Sercey as the commanding officer of the “mountain” regiment of the French Foreign Legion. Colonel de Sercey spent two years at the head of the 2e REG, the standard period for an officer assigned to lead a unit (a platoon and higher) within the French Army. Sometimes, after an request, it could be prolonged also to three years.

The 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment is assigned to to the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade. The regiment conducts a variety of construction and demolition tasks under combat conditions in support of combat units (demining, opening passages, etc..) and fulfil these tasks in mountain terrain under extreme climatic conditions.

In September 2017, 2e REG legionnaires are deployed to French Guiana, Ivory Coast or Mali.

2e REG - 2 REG - Change of Command 2017
2e REG’s outgoing CO Colonel Guillaume de Sercey
2e REG - 2 REG - Change of Command 2017
Colonel Grégoire Potiron de Boisfleury, the 2e REG’s new CO
2e REG - 2 REG - Change of Command 2017
Colonel Potiron de Boisfleury heading a following parade
2e REG - 2 REG - Change of Command 2017
Colonel Guillaume de Sercey leaving his regiment. Due to a Legion tradition, he wears the uniform of a simple legionnaire.
2e REG - 2 REG - Change of Command 2017
2e REG legionnaires currently deployed to French Guiana are presenting arms to their new CO

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