Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noël 2012!

Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noël 2012 from!

A Christmas video from the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP) is added. It shows the legionnaires of the Reconnaissance section of the Reconnaissance and Support Company (Compagnie d’éclairage et d’appui, CEA) which celebrate their Noël at their base at Calvi, Corsica and also in Africa.

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2e REP and its Camp Raffalli near Calvi

Camp Raffalli, home of the 2e REP, an airborne regiment of the French Foreign Legion. Camp Raffalli of the 2e REP is stationed near the town of Calvi in Corsica. The base was named after Major Rémy Raffalli.

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2e REP – Solei Rouge exercise video

In the beginning of this autumn the 2e REP conducted two major exercises. Vent d’automne (Autumn wind), when the entire regiment deployed to Balagne (Corsica) for one week.

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