2e REP: Military training in late 2017

See the companies of the only airborne unit of the French Foreign Legion, the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP), conducting several exercises during the last months of 2017, to keep their operational level as high as possible.

In August, the 3rd Company (specialized in amphibious warfare) conducted an amphibious exercise near their sea base located close to Calvi, Corsica.

In October, legionnaires serving with the 1st Company (specialized in urban warfare) were being trained in their military domain at CENZUB, a French urban warfare training center placed at Camp of Sissonne, northeastern France.

In November, the 3rd Company, accompanied by legionnaires from the 4th Company (explosives use) and the 5th Company (desert warfare), were undergoing intensive training at CENTAC (Combat Tactics Training Center), placed at Camp of Mailly, northeastern France.

At the same time (October-November), HQ Company (CCL) + Military Support Company (CA, ex-CEA) took part in Exercise Swift Response 2017 in Germany, while the 2nd Company (currently being deployed to New Caledonia in the Pacific for a four-month mission) participated in Exercise Southern Katipo 2017 in New Zealand.

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