2e REP: GCP jumping in Mali

Since June 2018, several companies of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP) have been deployed to Mali, a country in West Africa, to participate in anti-terrorist Operation Barkhane. To support the 2e REP units, a GCP commando group also serves in Mali. During this summer, the commandos conducted an operational jump to find local rebel groups.

To be allowed to join the GCP commandos’ selection (yes, simply the selection), a legionnaire-paratrooper has to run 30 km (18,5 miles) in his battledress (+ boots + firearm), with a backpack weighing 11 kg (24 pounds), in less than 4 hours, in the hilly terrain of Corsica. Out of some 1,300 “Repmen”, there are up to 25 commandos with the 2e REP, assigned to the Combat Support Company.

PHOTOS. GCP, 2e REP jumping in Mali in 2018. Click on the FB icon to see all photos.

Le Groupement Commando Parachutiste (GCP) de la 11e brigade parachutiste engagé sur la mission BARKHANE a effectué un…

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