2e REP: GCP Commandos training in Corsica

See the nice video showing the commandos from the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP), the only airborne unit of the French Foreign Legion, while training in Corsica with their colleagues from CPA 30.

In Corsica in early 2018, GCP (Parachute Commando Group) commandos from the Military Support Company, 2e REP took part in an annual Exercise Orage d’Acier, together with their colleagues from Air Parachute Commando 30 (CPA 30), a unit based at Bricy, central France.

The platoon of commandos has existed within the 2e REP since the mid-1960’s. It is composed of about 25 legionnaires volunteering for this very demanding type of military life.

A legionnaire has to run 30 km (battledress + boots + firearm), with a backpack weighing 11 kg (24 pounds), in less than 4 hours, to be even allowed to participate in subsequent tests for becoming commando.

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