4e RE: A 2023 short documentary on the Foreign Legion’s method of integration

Watch a short documentary film produced by VA+, the online media branch of the Valeurs Actuelles (“Current Values”), a French conservative weekly magazine. The reporter, Antoine You, visited the 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE) in Castelnaudary and tried to understand how the Foreign Legion integrates members of dozens of different nationalities coming from all over the world.

The documentary was filmed in late 2023, at the farm of the 2nd Volunteer Company, during the third week of basic training (more than a week before receiving the white kepi). The enlisted volunteers we meet are members of a platoon led by a warrant officer (adjudant) of German origin. The documentary offers the explanation that the successful integration of the different elements into a cohesive entity is helped by, among other things, hard discipline, French classes, and singing. See yourself:

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