2e REI: 2022 Activities in Djibouti

Since June 2022, a company of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI) is deployed to Djibouti, Horn of Africa, to form part of the French garrison there. See some images of the unit’s activities…

As was informed earlier, the company arrived in Djibouti along with their comrades from the 1er REC and 1er REG and have became part of the 5th Overseas Combined-arms Regiment (5e RIAOM) since then. The legionnaires are stationed at Quartier Monclar, formerly home to the 13e DBLE.

In Djibouti, apart from daily training, the 2e REI men carry out the usual tasks: maintaining a French presence in the region that once used to be a French colony, conducting military exercises with U.S. soldiers from the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, providing military instruction to the local forces, as well as familiarizing with a semi-desert environment.

Their current deployment in the Horn of Africa is planned for four months, until October.

2e REI - Djibouti - 2022
2e REI legionnaires during the Bastille Day ceremony in Djibouti, July 14, 2022.
2e REI - Djibouti - 2022
A sniper of the 2e REI trains local gendarmerie snipers in Djibouti, August 2022.
2e REI - Djibouti - 2022
Djibouti’s gendarmerie snipers got their certificate from a 2e REI instructor, August 2022.
2e REI - Djibouti - 2022
A joint military exercise Calfex with U.S. partners from Task Force Red Dragon in Djibouti, August 2022.
2e REI - Djibouti - 2022
The 119th commemoration of the 1903 Battle of El Moungar (the holiday of the 2e REI) in Djibouti, along with U.S. partners from Task Force Red Dragon, early September 2022.

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