110 years ago: A fierce battle in Morocco

110 years ago, on 15 May 1911, during a French campaign to liberate the besieged ruler of Morocco, two platoons of the French Foreign Legion were involved in a fierce battle with numerous Moroccan rebels. Determined never to surrender to the enemy, only an officer and six legionnaires left alive after six hours of fighting. Although this battle is considered as the second Camerone, it has been almost forgotten over the years.

If you are interested, an article was written to pay homage to these brave men:
1911 Battle of Alouana

La version française de l’article pour les lecteurs français :
Combat d’Alouana du 15 mai 1911


Battle of Alouana - Morocco - 15 May 1911 - 1st Foreign Regiment - 22nd Company - 1er RE