2e REP: Promo Training 2020

See a nice video published by the Foreign Legion’s 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP). The video presents the initial parachute training for the fresh legionnaires who had finished their four-month basic instruction at Catelnaudary and arrived at the regiment.

The four-week “Promo” (Promotion Parachutiste) took place within Camp Raffalli, the military base of the regiment situated near Calvi in Corsica. The legionnaires of the Promo are housed in the barracks next to the drop zone and wear orange indentification. Besides the necessary physical and parachute training, each “Promo” has to create an original memorial tablet (around 3:00). As the fresh legionnaire in the video says, the best way to complete successfully the training is to follow the orders of the the moniteur.


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