DLEM: 1st Company jumping over Mayotte

In mid-September 2019, the 1st Company of the Foreign Legion Detachment in Mayotte (DLEM) jumped for the very first time over the Bandrélé beach in Mayotte, an island in the Indian Ocean and an overseas department and region of France.

The DLEM is the smallest independent operational unit of the French Foreign Legion. It has been stationed on the island of Mayotte since 1976. The detachment serves as an overseas unit with an operational company of which personnel is provided by Legion regiments and French Army regural regiments. They rotate every four months.

Currently, the 1st Company of the DLEM is armed with legionnaires of the 2nd Company, 2e REP, the only airborne unit of the Foreign Legion.

For the very first time, the paratroopers of the Legion jumped over a beach at Bandrélé in southeastern Mayotte. Then, they carried out a march to Combani, a commune in the north-west of the island, distant some 10 miles (16 km).


Un exercice militaire inédit à Mayotte

Un exercice militaire inédit à MayotteMardi 17 septembre, le Détachement de la Légion étrangère de Mayotte (DLEM) a réalisé un exercice de parachutage et d’infiltration sur la plage de Bandrélé. Une première pour cette institution militaire historique à Mayotte. Pour les légionnaires, il s’agit de se familiariser avec l’environnement de l’île jugé semblable aux paysages de la région comme de l’Afrique continentale.

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PHOTOS. DLEM: 1st Company (2nd Company, 2e REP) jumping over Mayotte, Sept 2019.
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