3e REI: Activities in May 2020

Because of the health restrictions, the military life all over the world have seen some specific difficulties. However, training, missions and operations have to continue. Even in French Guiana in South America, where is stationed the 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment (3e REI) of the French Foreign Legion.

After having passed compulsory two weeks in quarantine, the newly arriving legionnaires to join the 3e REI for the next two years (so called Long Duration Mission, MLD) received the regimental triple fourragère (the regiment ranks among the two most decorated military units in France). Thereafter, they would be sent to the obligatory jungle course. The new arrivals (members of the overseas 3e REI are rotated every two years) are volunteers coming from the Legion regiments based in mainland France and Corsica. Every year, there are several such rotations going to Guiana.

10 new arrivals to receive the triple fourragère. Click on the FB icon to see all photos:


Also in May in French Guiana, both Legion companies of the 3e REI (2nd + 3rd Company – the regiment hasn’t possessed 1st Company since the 1960s) went through military training and exercises for their combat groups (small elements within a platoon) close to the Guiana Space Center and at the shooting range of Baloupi. They were training tactics, evacuation of a wounded comrade, urban warfare, long distance shooting etc.

Military training for 3e REI combat groups in March and May 2020. Click on the FB icon to see all photos:


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