1er REC: 4th Squadron at Commando Center

In October 2019, the legionnaires from the 4th Squadron of the 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment (1er REC) moved to Commando Training National Center (CNEC) at Mont-Louis in southern France to prepare themselves for their next deployment. See images.

In mid-October, the Lions (nickname of the 4th Squadron) spent several days at the commando center at the French-Spanish border, a well-known and unique center for commando training in France. The center is based at an old military citadel. It trains elite French troops in the use of commando techniques and in enduring heavy physical and mental stress in combat situations. An aquatic division of the CNEC center is based at Collioure, on the Vermilion Coast, east of Mont-Louis.

VIDEO. 4th Squadron, 1er REC at Mont-Louis, October 2019.

1er REC – CNEC

Immersion dans la peau d'un légionnaire du 4e escadron du #1REC sur les pistes d'audace du centre national d'entraînement commando (#CNEC).

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PHOTOS. 4th Squadron, 1er REC at Collioure (aquatic division) and at Mont-Louis, October 2019.
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