13e DBLE: 4th Company in Indian Ocean

Legionnaires of the 13th Foreign Legion Half Brigade (13e DBLE) are currently being deployed for four months to Réunion, an island and an overseas department of France in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. They formed a rotational infantry company of the 2nd Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment (2e RPIMa) there, to maintain order in the region.

The “Caracals” of the 4th Company, 13e DBLE have armed the 3rd Company, 2e RPIMa since March 2019. They are stationed at Caserne CBA Dupuis, the 2e RPIMa’s base in Saint-Pierre. The rotational company is tasked with maintaining order in the region. Its men are conducting patrols and military exercises in Réunion and train allied troops in the region, mainly in East Africa.

In late April 2019, the 13e DBLE legionnaires participated in a ceremony organized in Réunion by local veterans of the Foreign Legion. The ceremony was to inaugurate a street at Sainte-Clotilde (a neighbourhood of Saint-Denis, the capital) with the name Evariste Berg. Corporal Evariste Berg was born in Réunion and, as a member of the Legion, he took part in the famous 1863 Battle of Camerone in Mexico.

On April 30, Camerone Day, the men of both units the 13e DBLE and 2e RPIMa commemorated the legendary battle within their base.

13e DBLE - 13 DBLE - Reunion - Grande Montee - 2019
13e DBLE legionnaires on the Intense Island (Réunion’s nickname), April 2019.
13e DBLE - 13 DBLE - Reunion - Grande Montee - 2019
13e DBLE legionnaires at the Grande Montee shooting range in Réunion, April 2019.


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Other nice images: 13e DBLE and 2019 Camerone Day in Reunion

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