Foreign Legion’s Repair Companies in French Indochina 1946-56

Learn about repair companies of the French Foreign Legion serving in then French Indochina during the First Indochina War (1946-54). Very little-known units, even in France, these companies provided an important support to French troops during military operations aimed at the Viet Minh.

Foreign Legion Repair Companies in French Indochina 1946-54

In Indochina, legionnaires from repair companies were carrying out many tasks. Assigned to the Materiel Maintenance, they provided maintenance, repairing and evacuation of military vehicles, eg. trucks, armored cars, tanks and even watercrafts or artillery guns. They operated periodically in dangerous territories with their wreckers and mobile workshops, to maintain their comrades combat-ready and able to conduct military operations.

If you want to find out some interesting data regarding the history of Foreign Legion repair units serving in then French Indochina, just follow the links posted bellow.

Foreign Legion repair companies in Indochina:

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