Legion: Training for 2018 Bastille Day Parade

As every year these days, members of the French Foreign Legion are training dutifully for the Bastille Day Military Parade, which will take place in Paris this Saturday, on July 14, 2018. Apart from Foreign Legion Pioneers and the Music Band, legionnaires of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI) and the 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment (2e REG) will also participate in the parade.

This year, soldiers from Japan, Singapore, Spain and Belgium will be among those almost 4,300 troops and 220 vehicles participating in the parade on the Champs-Elysées.

See nice videos showing the legionnaires training for the 2018 Bastille Day Parade. The French Foreign Legion is represented by the Foreign Legion Pioneers, being accompanied by the Foreign Legion Music Band, a detachment of the 2e REI and the 1st Company, 2e REG, equipped with VAC tracked vehicles.

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