Foreign Legion in a 1978 documentary

An interesting Brazilian documentary on the French Foreign Legion, showing, besides other things, the very rare images of advanced training courses of this legendary unit. It was released 36 years ago, in January 1978 by Globo, the second-largest commercial TV network in the world.

However the documentary was released in 1978, the images were filmed in July 1977 at the very latest. We can see the legionnaires attached to the Team leaders Training Company (Compagnie d’Instruction des Cadres, CIC), passing their CME course to obtain a Caporal rank. This company left Corte, Corsica, in early August 1977, following the rest of Legion’s training units having left Corsica for Castelnaudary (continental France) in 1976.

At the end of the documentary, there are images of parachute training in the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment.

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