2e REP parachuting videos

Some nice videos of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP) parachuting, just to imagine what the jumps are about and, also, in which beautiful place the regiment is based. The 2e REP is the only airborne unit within the Foreign Legion.

2e REP parachuting in Gabon

Combat jumps training by the the 2e REP’s 3rd Company and Reconnaissance and Support Company (Compagnie d’éclairage et d’appui, CEA) in Gabon, Africa, in 2005.


2e REP parachuting on Corsica

Videos of the 2e REP parachuting at its base of Calvi, Corsica, in recent years.


2e REP parachuting on Corsica, while a filmmaker is driving alongside the regiment:


Video capturing from Calvi:


2e REP parachuting “live” on Corsica. A very young legionnaire and one of his first jumps.