2e REP: 2020 Exrecise Vent d’Automne

In the second week of September, a large military exercise Vent d’Automne (Autumn Wind) was conducted by the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP) in Corsica, their homeland. Three companies participated.

The exercise took place in the Balagne region that is situated around Calvi, the garrison town of the regiment. Almost 500 legionnaires participated. The exercise started on Monday, September 7, by airdropping of the 1st Company north-east of Calvi (to fight at the villages of Sant’Antonino and Algajola), while the 3rd Company jumped over the sea near Île-Rousse, a commune located north-east of Calvi. The aim was to liberate the commune and to neutralize as many enemies as possible (represented by the 4th Company). So, on Tuesday, an urban warfare took place in Île-Rousse, right in front of surprised tourists (the French Army loves to carry out military exercises in public), between men of the 1st Company (specialized in urban warfare) and the enemies played by the 4th Company.

Once mission accomplished, the companies moved south-west, to Calenzana, for the second part of the exercise. The goal remained the same; the men had to clear the commune and its vicinity out of any enemy. On Friday, September 11, the exercise was successfully over.

Exrecise Vent d’Automne at Sant’Antonino and in Île-Rousse, September 2020.
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Exrecise Vent d’Automne in Calenzana, September 2020.
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1st Company, 2e REP in Île-Rousse, September 8, 2020:


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