Foreign Legion: 2017 Camerone Day

On April 30, 2017, the French Foreign Legion commemorated the 154th anniversary of the Battle of Camerone, the well-known and most important event in its history. This day is also the most important day of the year for all current or former legionnaires of the Foreign Legion. See some Camerone Day videos from several Legion regiments.

Camerone 2017: Aubagne – 1er RE

Thousands of spectators watched the annual commemoration of the Battle of Camerone at Quartier Vienot, Aubagne, the HQ of the Foreign Legion located near Marseille in southern France. Aubagne is the garrison for the 1er RE and COMLE.

Legionnaires and their nice music performance during the 2017 Camerone Day at Aubagne:


Camerone 2017: Calvi – 2e REP

2017 Camerone Day at Camp Raffalli near Calvi, Corsica, the garrison of the 2e REP.


Camerone 2017: Castelnaudary – 4e RE

Fresh legionnaires currently doing their 4-month basic training took also part in their very first Camerone Day in Castelnaudary, the home to the 4e RE, the training unit of the Legion.


Camerone 2017: La Cavalerie – 13e DBLE

At Camp Larzac, located near La Cavalerie, southern France, members of the 13e DBLE celebrated this Camerone Day for the first time in mainland France, since 1945. The regiment has been stationed in France since late June 2016.


Camerone 2017: Laudun – 1er REG

2017 Camerone Day at Quartier General Rollet of Laudun, the garrison of the Legion engineers from 1er REG.


Camerone 2017: Camarón – Mexico

Finally, a video showing the 154th commemoration of the famous battle straight at Camarón, Mexico…


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