13e DBLE: History of the Legion’s only Demi-brigade

See the history and images of the French Foreign Legion’s only Demi-brigade (Half-brigade), 13e DBLE. This famous, well-known unit of the Legion was established in 1940 in Algeria, to participate in the WWII. Later that year, it became the first ever unit of the Free French Forces (FFL) of general de Gaulle. In 2011, as the last unit of the Legion, the Demi-brigade left Africa.

The 13e DBLE served during the WWII, First Indochina War, Algerian War. The 13e DBLE was also involved in operations in Djibouti, Somalia, Rwanda, Ivory Coast or Indonesia.
In 2011, it left Africa and being reduced to a few dozens of men, the 13e DBLE deployed to the United Arab Emirates.

See the History & images of 13e DBLE.

13e Demi-Brigade de Légion Étrangère - DBLE - 13 DBLE - 13th Foreign Legion Demi-Brigade - History