1er REC: Solidarity with the Disabled Veterans

A month ago, legionnaires from the 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment (1er REC) came to offer a helping hand to the Foreign Legion’s Disabled Veterans Institution of Puyloubier, southern France. Every year, a group of active legionnaires from one of the regiments based in France is participating on grape harvesting in vineyards belonging to the Institution.

The Foreign Legion Disabled Veterans Institution (Institution des Invalides de la Légion Étrangère, IILE) is based at Puyloubier since 1955 and is administratively attached to the 1er RE of Aubagne, under the Foreign Legion Command. It is a unique organization within France, which offers home to several dozens of veterans, who served in the Foreign Legion. The institution produces, among other products, its own wines to support itself.

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