French Foreign Legion 1949 documentary

A short French documentary about the Foreign Legion released in 1949. Very nice images of the Foreign Legion main base in Sidi Bel Abbes (Algeria) while celebrating Camerone Day. A lot of legionnaires caught in the film will die during next five years in the First Indochina War. We can also see historical images of a typical legionnaires job of that time: hard-working with la pioche, a pickaxe.

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French Foreign Legion in Syria – the 6th Foreign Infantry Regiment

Syria, Homs, Damascus. Names we are hearing regularly in these days of 2012-13. It is very interesting to discover the French Foreign Legion and its legionnaires were serving at these places for decades. In 1939, the Legion units serving in Syria were transformed into the 6th Foreign Infantry Regiment and just based at Homs and Damascus. In 1941, it was the only Foreign Legion regiment which remained loyal to the French Vichy regime (cooperating with Hitler). See the very little known history and some photos of the 6th Foreign Infantry Regiment.

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History of the 5th Foreign Regiment

Since its dissolution in July 1, 2000, the 5th Foreign Regiment (5e Régiment étranger, 5e RE) has been the last disbanded regiment of the French Foreign Legion. Nicknamed “Regiment du Tonkin” or “Genie Legion”, the 5e RE has a long and truly remarkable history. I have tried to collect some data and photos and made its own page for those interested in.

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Anniversary of creation of the French Foreign Legion

On March 10, 2013, the French Foreign Legion will celebrate the 182nd anniversary of its creation. Following the suggestion of Minister of War (Ministre secrétaire d’État au département de la Guerre) Jean-de-Dieu Soult of March 9, King Louis Philippe presented a new royal ordinance in Paris on March 10, 1831, in which he ordered establishment of the Foreign Legion.

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