2e REI: 5th Company dissolved

Last week, on May 16, 2023, the 5th Company of the Foreign Legion’s 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI) was disbanded during an emotional ceremony, as a result of the planned French infantry reorganization. Its men would be dispersed among remaining companies or join other regiments.

After 1984, the 5th Combat Company was first created within the 2e REI in 2000, following the dissolution of the 3rd Company, 13e DBLE in Djibouti. The company, represented by a dark-green color, was first disbanded in 2014 and recreated a year later, as we informed in this article. However, the unit didn’t survive more than eight years.

According to the official statement, this latest dissolution is part of the implementation of the transformations currently underway in the French infantry. They obviously respond to new threats and new operational challenges that pose the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Thus, a reconnaissance and intelligence platoon (SRR) was created within the 2e REI’s Combat Support Company (CA) in December 2022, equipped with reconnaissance drones. In the medium term, the French infantry regiments should again be reinforced with a heavy mortar platoon (dissolved in 2000), as well as an electronic support capability and remotely operated munitions.

PHOTOS: 2e REI: May 2023 5th Company’s dissolution
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