2017 El Moungar Day: 2e REI to commemorate the 114th anniversary of the battle

Tomorrow, on September 2, the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI) will commemorate the 114th anniversary of the 1903 Battle of El Moungar, in which 115 men of the regiment fought against more than 2,000 Berbers in the Sahara of western Algeria. The date of the event has become the regimental holiday, El Moungar Day.

The Battle of El Moungar took place at El Moungar near Taghit, in the Bechar region of western Algeria, in 1903. The 22nd Mounted Company of then 2e RE, comprising Captain Vauchez, his deputy Lieutenant Selchauhansen (a Danish officer) and 113 legionnaires, was involved in. Alongside the Legion company, a light cavalry platoon (20 horsemen) of locally recruited Spahis. Both units were protecting a convoy composed of some 600 camels moving through the Sahara, close to the border with Morocco.

Once attacked by a large horde of local Berbers, the legionnaires had been fighting for next eight hours, until a reinforcement (two Legion companies) arrived and helped the survivors to fight off the enemy.

During the battle, Captain Vauchez, Lieutenant Selchauhansen and 34 legionnaires were killed. Another 47 legionnaires were seriously wounded.

2 REI - 2REI - 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment - 2nd REI - Legion - Algeria - El Moungar 1903
In the very rare photo, military chaplain de Foucauld (in the middle) with the 2e RE legionnaires wounded during the Battle of El Moungar (late 1903)
2e REI: El Moungar Day 2015
2015 El Moungar Day at the headquarters of the 2e REI at Nimes, southern France; © Image credit: SIG/DILA République Française

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