2e REI: Eight legionnaires being naturalized

Eight legionnaires from the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI) were naturalized during a ceremony which took place in the Hall of Honour of the regiment’s Command company, on April 10.

Two Malagasy, two Hungarians, an Ivoirian, a Mozambican, a Nepalese and a Bulgarian obtained the French citizenship by receiving their Decree of naturalization from Didier Martin, the prefect of the Gard department (southern France). The 2e REI is based in Nimes, the capital of the department.

Colonel Valéry Putz, the commanding officer of 2e REI, congratulated his legionnaires on becoming French citizens and added that 30.000 men have already served in the regiment and 7.000 of them died in action for France.

2e REI: Eight legionnaires being naturalized
A legionnaire receiving his Decree of naturalization; © Photo credit: MidiLibre.fr
2e REI: Eight legionnaires being naturalized
The prefect Didier Martin with the naturalized legionnaires in the 2e REI’s Hall of Honour
© Photo credit: 2e REI/Légion étrangère

Information source:
Nîmes : huit légionnaires, baroudeurs du 2e REI, naturalisés Français

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