2e REI: History of the Foreign Legion’s longest-serving regiment

In 2016, the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI) of the French Foreign Legion commemorated the 175th Anniversary of its activation. The history of the 2e REI started in Algeria, in April 1841, when the French Foreign Legion devided into two parts. Its legionnaires fought in Algeria, Crimea, Italy, Mexico, French Indochina, Madagascar, Morocco, France, Chad, Iraq, ex-Yugoslavia, Ivory Coast, Mali or in the Central African Republic. Currently (2016), the 2e REI is also the largest regiment of the Foreign Legion.

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40th Anniversary: 1976 Djibouti helicopter crash

40 years ago, on May 24, 1976, the French Foreign Legion suffered its worst losses in a single incident since the end of the Algerian War in 1962. In the then French Territory of the Afars and the Issas (today’s Djibouti), six of its legionnaires died during a helicopter crash. Nevertheless, the accident will be totally forgotten during next 40 years. On the internet, there is no article in French (still less in English) being concerned with the accident, which still remains the second deadliest incident for the French Foreign Legion since the Algerian War ended…

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French Foreign Legion: 185th Anniversary

On March 10, 2016, the French Foreign Legion commemorates the 185th anniversary of its founding on March 10, 1831. That day, a decree of the Council of State ratified the royal ordinance signed by Louis Philippe, the King of the French, on March 9. In the Article 1re of this three-article ordinance, the king authorized to form a Legion of Foreigners (Légion d’Etrangers) inside France.

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